Black Collegia Gifts

There are currently no Black Collegia gifts, but there has been some discussion on the topic. This page is a place for people to throw ideas out for each other.

Anyone may submit a gift proposal at any time. This place is just for sharing good ideas.

For more information on the Black Collegia, see the Collegia de Danse, Collegia de Masque, and Collegia de Finale.

Create sub-pages as needed for discussions.

Seed Gift Ideas

Collegia de Danse

  • Gossip-block: turn a gossip into a real political barrier (and also a reward)
  • That Rumor Just Won't Die: create lasting doubts
  • Sticks and Stones: ungrace/unwits social conflict gift.
  • Duello instructor: study someone else's style to give a bonus to someone else?

Collegia de Masque

  • Covert Resources - launder resources, making them harder to trace (bonus?)
  • Two Places, Same Time - body doubles, alibis, etc.
  • Forgery master - make convincing forgeries of a certain type?
  • disguise-master - something having to do with exceptionally good disguises?

Collegia de Finale

  • It was me all along: (after the fact) Take responsibility for the (bad) actions of another, and make it extremely believable.
  • Hollow Victory: Give up your consequence in exchange for souring something important to your opponent (opponent's choice). Example: buy his favorite vineyard, and then kill off all the plants

Crafting Recipes

  • Concealed things: crossbows, poison rings, stilettos?
  • Masks
  • Clothes
  • Political things
  • Poison
    • Anathema: works on a specific thing
    • Dramatically fast acting?
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