Collegia De Danse


Danse is essentially the Best Damn Politics School in Shadow. It's the least secret of the Black Collegia, in that it is generally believed to exist, and drunk nobles are known to make guesses about who is a member.

What is Danse all about?

Danse exists to supply tools to defeat an enemy with politics, or to force his hand toward strife or peace. Its members are generally remarkable, and well-known; people with an uncanny knack for coming out on top in turbulent political waters, or who oddly seem to be at the center of every movement.


Danse gifts might be politics or reputation related, or cover negotiations or the subtleties of wordplay.

Example Chapters

Nicostrato and Dino

Size: medium (two masters, a dozen students)
Public face: Patron Nicostrato of Pesano, and Patrona Dino of Tello, both known for throwing wild galas.
Plots: Nicostrato and Dino secretly work together to keep Pesano and Tello in political competition with one-another, making the region a fertile training ground for their chapter of Danse. The more able students are in on it, and work to evolve the nature of conflict between Pesano and Tello so that it does not grow stale.

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