Collegia De Finale


Finale is the least understood school. It studies the obligations of friend and foe, the responsibilities of influential people, and other strange subjects. Its masters are a curious breed of ideologues, and nothing they do is petty or small.

What is Finale all about?

Finale concerns itself with 'the way of the artful death'. Initiates often take this to mean 'assassination', initially, but they are very far from the mark - that's more Masque territory. Students of Finale find themselves studying the nature of their own ambitions, how to manage the way others perceive them, and the motivations of others. Masters of the Finale come from many walks, and are variously house heads, judges, religious thinkers, playwrights, strategists and crooks. They are likely to be villains of some sort.


Finale gifts are likely to be a little weirder than the other schools; things that reflect changes in the individual due to internalizing a philosophy or build drama. If it sounds weird, and adds a little to play for everyone, it probably belongs here.

Example Chapters

A Secret Council (inside Milano Thieves Guild)

Size: Medium (council of masters hiding within a thieves guild, but not actually controlling it)
Public face: Thieves guild
Plots: The Council finds and recruits not the most able, but the most wise (according to their test, which is numerological) from among the ranks of the guild. They also occasionally recruit from among the ranks of the nobility - by orphaning the recruit and sucking him into the guild. Recruits of the council seek to prove their devotion to an extremist philosophy of street justice, and are happy to export it from the streets to the nobility.

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