Collegia De Masque


Masque provides its students with tools that make them capable in a lot of less direct ways; subjects like espionage, deception, sabotage, blackmail are taught. Masque is the Black Collegia that people have learned to fear. It tasks itself with enforcing the secrecy of the Black Collegia.

What is Masque all about?

The Collegia de Masque enable students to pursue those secret ambitions that make them great. Its students number spies, agents, infiltrators, assassins, and so forth. Masque is a school for people who get things done. Its students are often the sort you don't want to turn your back on, or the apparently-squeaky-clean type.


Masque gifts might reasonably cover classic cloak-and-dagger stuff, with an emphasis on handling things personally.

Example Chapters

Il Guanto di Altri (Fortuna)

The chapter is an offshoot of an existing chapter in another principality, and still in its infancy. Although Fortuna is a relatively unimportant place, in terms over native power, it seems to have a booming economy in blackmail and secrets - secrets Il Guanto hopes to use to establish itself as a fixture in the city.

  • Size: Tiny (3 elders, 8 others)
  • Public face: None
  • Plots: Il Guanto is actually the Retrieval arm of another chapter, and its three leaders are secretly on the prowl for an artifact stolen from the parent chapter. The blackmail is smokescreen for a string of burglaries.
The Flizzi Players (theatrical/song troupe, travels)

Welcome in nearly any high society event, invited or not, the Players add exquisite color to any party they grace. What isn't known is that some of the members moonlight as assassins, and find creative ways to peg their activities on other partygoers.

  • Size: Small (a few masters, 8 rotating members, and a troupe for camouflage.)
  • Public face: The Players
  • Plots: The Flizzi Players are a mobile school of instruction, and are especially fond of tricking others into dueling and mastering novel poisons.
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