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I proposed this and was told to buy skl-wm with an aspect of 'short-blades' instead.

Re: Black Collegia gifts by DogunDogun, 23 Sep 2008 21:13

Here's one idea I've been mulling over:
Short blades Skill (needs a name)
Effectively skl-wm, providing an a-1 bonus to applicable combat, granting BIT:FIGHT. 5 points. Prereqs, up-art and gl-montevalno?
Flavor text: One of the trademark skills of the Black Collegia is proficiency with short blades, appropriate for murder and dueling. In a land where most of the nobility feels a preference for longer, whippier blades, a short blade makes a strong statement about its owners aesthetic preferences, as well as confidence in his ability to get inside the guard of others. The character is exceptionally skilled with short blades and will gain a bonus when using them in combat.

Black Collegia gifts by DogunDogun, 13 Jun 2008 23:29
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