This page is open for discussion, editing, and toying around with gift ideas.
As you may have noticed, Montevalno has been a bit lacking in the gift department for some time; it's time we correct that. Ideally, people throw up their wants and some candidate gift structures and comment about things, and eventually reach some form of generally palatable consensus, and then eventually bring it to staff.
Please don't poach or prematurely +submit new ideas listed here.

Try to keep thoughts and comments outside of top-level areas, and in 'comments' as below. Attribution of the seed for an idea is fine, but you shouldn't feel tied to ownership of a tree idea. Capture minor changes to existing ideas as changes, capture comments as comments, and if you have new ideas? Add those as peers to things they compete with.

Gift Ideas

Blood Gifts

Discussion deleted. Montevalno has a blood gift, BLD-MV, which gives you a bonus for going over-the-top.

Collegia gifts

Four Collegia gifts, with an flexible unlockable subtree.

Petrus's ideas deleted. A few ideas moved over to the Black-Collegia-Gifts.

Veronica's Version

  • ronni-rta's comments (paraphrased): I think it is a good thing that Montevalno's gifts are in the ART tree, so I am recasting these ideas with that in mind.
  • Keep ART-CA as is, possibly with the addition of APPLY as a prerequisite.
  • Make a Black Collegica gift (ART-BC) that grants the Fight Bit, the Ranged Bit and the Covert bit. This would requires ART-CA and APPLY in Chargen… the same and UP-Covert and GL-Montevalno at 3 at least. It would grants the wielder a bonus with the use fencing weapons, short swords and batons, daggers and knives (melee and ranged) and crossbows (especially crossbow pistols which I would suggest as, next to the dagger/knife, the signature weapon of Montevalno) as well as a bonus to stealthy actions. Perhaps see if Staff would allow those who have SKL-AR (Master of Arms) and wish to to trade it in for this instead.
  • petrus_player's comment: My preference would be against making a 'fight' gift a baseline prereq in a Montevalnan gift tree, mostly because the bulk of players who want fight have acquired it from other places, sometimes with attached color, and those who don't want it shouldn't be required to purchase it to be Black Collegiates. I do like the idea of a master at sneaky arms gift, but my guess is that it works better as a sub-item in the gift tree.

Crafter Recipies

  • ronni_rta's comment: What I think that Montevalno truly needs are Recipies so that staff has to make a CRF-MS (Montevalnan Secrets). Here are some recipie ideas I think we should discuss:
  • Collapsable Crossbow Pistols: These would be perfectly functional crossbow pistols (see my comments above) but the bow collapses down so that it can be concealed more easily. Press one button and snap out goes the bow and the pre-loaded bolt is unlocked and can be fired.
  • Poison Well Stilettos: Stilettos that have a built in resivoir in their hilt that is released when the blade impacts or when a button is pressed. In addition to poision these could be used to carry alchemical concoxions of various sorts.
  • Some variation on the existing REC-AG (or Ambassador's Garb) tied to Lyonesse (CRF-SL). Perhaps just adding |CRF-MS to the prereques so that it can come from either set of secrets?
  • Masks!: A recipe for a mask that grants you to make a token that can be used to disguise your name as it masks both your features and your voice. It would obviously be a mask (or maybe not?) but it would not allow you to masquerade as a specific other person (or maybe it can if they sign off on your token for the item?)
  • petrus_player's comment: In general, I like crossbows, poisoned weapons, and masks. I think it is worth having a set of crafting recipes attached to the tree - perhaps with a prereq of Collegia Attendance. I will note: a poisoned weapon crafting gift would need to offer some seriously mechanically interesting feature for it to have real value. (plenty of recipes offer a minor bonus). I would suggest adding a candidate recipe for such a poisoned recipe so that discussion on interesting poison mechanics can occur. Super-duper-hand-crossbows do exist and have been used on the grid - the one I am thinking about in question was of Begman design. A slightly different take on the topic may still be possible.
  • Adrianna's comment: I'm actually very much in favor of a brand of Montevalno crafting- it certainly fits the theme of the shadow, and I like the ideas that Ronni's put up here. Unfortunately, I don't think they allow for actual poison gifts, or at least did not when I was in the chargen process with Adri and was attempting a custom courtesan-assassin gift.
    • (Petrus's reply) You don't really need a gift to do poison - it's just like any other contest, I think. I don't see that it should be difficult to get a gift granting a bonus to the use of poison in or out of combat, But I think the real meat of poisoning would be in mechanically interesting poisons (ones that foul up ones appearance instead of making them ill, for example). Courtesan-assassin sounds totally viable (to me, anyway). I wonder what the issue was?

Award ideas

'Black Collegiate'

Discussion deleted. Nobody cared for this idea.

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