Veronica Nayelenor

Veronica is an emeritus member of the Guild of Attendants of Fiorra. She grew up in the household of Lord Mikael of Fiorra and has, since her charge (Rebekah, the Lord's daughter) was made to release her from her service by her husband, been engaged in freelance procruement of artifacts and knowledge as well as general exploration, however as she cannot travel shadow on her own she does so with the added expense of having to secure transport from those who can.

She was most recently seen in the city of Aventia, seeking audience with the Contessa Rosamunde and departed on a Minosian ship for Amber upon recieving the news that the Contessa was visiting the royal court of that land.

Veronica is known to be of common birth and goes by the appellation Ronni. Her mother, Elenor Nanicolette, was a chambermaid in Lord Mikael's house until she died of consumption when Ronni was six. Her grandmother, Nicolette Sorto, held the same position as her daughter in her youth but has spent most of Ronni's life working as a laundress for Lord Mikael's household - a profession she continues to this day.

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